Yoga when you really don’t feel like it..February news!

Dear Everyone,

Sometimes, especially when life gets hard, I really don’t feel like practising yoga at home, or going to a yoga class. I am sure I am not alone in this regard! However, as soon as I start to listen to my breathing, link simple movements with my breath, and slowly and steadily create a more spacious feeling in my body, I start to feel so much better. More focused, open, grounded and steady.

So it’s been a real pleasure to see so many of you making the time and taking the effort to make it to class throughout what for many of us is the toughest time of the year.

As regulars will know, we started the year with a twisting and backbending sequence to energise after the holidays, followed by a session focused on the core of the body as we set our intentions for 2016. Then, after a couple of weeks back at work, our sequence focused on reducing physical tension in the shoulders and upper back, and this week we are working on better aligning ourselves to create a feeling of balance and stability – as well as strengthening our knees!

We will continue with a theme each week during February and March, and, as always do let me know if you have any requests!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Primrose Hill Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30. Email me for details and see Please note no class on 18 or 25 February.