Yoga vs the Pub – Primrose Hill Yoga March News

Dear Everyone,

It is now estimated that around one in every ten people in the UK practice yoga. In central London the figure is probably much higher.

So why so many of us? Why drag ourselves out of a cosy bed on a chilly March morning, or fight our way on the tube to a weekly class, when we could swap our yoga practice for a few extra minutes pillow time, or a drink in the pub…?

For me, the answer is simple. Yoga has strengthened my body and helps keep it working and moving in the way I like it to. It helps energise me when I am lethargic and calms me down when I am anxious. It helps me to see through the myriad of thoughts in my mind and separate those that matter, from those that don’t.

I could go on…but suffice to say, those of us that go to class or practice at home regularly will know that yoga’s benefits are extensive.

Probably one of the most important of these revolves around the idea of creating space. Making more space in our bodies, our minds and in our approach to life in general. Through asanas (postures) we can create space in the parts of our body that might be tight, such as the shoulders or hamstrings. Then, through pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation we can create spaces between the 50,000 or so thoughts we have each day. As a result, we feel more comfortable in our bodies and think and act more clearly – maybe even giving us more time for that drink in the pub…

We will be exploring this theme in the next Primrose Hill workshop, ‘Making Space for Spring’. There are only a few places left for this now so please do let me know ASAP if you’d like to come! On Sunday 2nd April I will lead a long, flowing practice designed to create space throughout the whole body and mind. We will release the spine, open the shoulders, free up the hips, expand the breath and calm and focus the mind before enjoying a nourishing relaxation and tasting some yummy, healthy treats!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


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