Yoga and Swedish gymnastics? Primrose Hill Yoga May news

Dear Everyone,

Have you ever wondered how the breathing practices, postures, relaxation and meditation that are part of nearly every UK-based yoga classes came about?

Sometimes the perception is that they are all part of an ancient Indian tradition used to encourage good health. The truth, as I was reminded at a launch for ground-breaking new book, ‘The Roots of Yoga’, is rather different.

The yoga we find in most western classes today is better thought of as a set of practices to come out of a melting pot of very different eastern and western traditions, including Swedish gymnastics and muscular Christianity, re-purposed to serve modern life.

Interested? Then I thoroughly recommend the book!

As ever, classes in April have maintained their focus on creating space and strength in the body at the same time as calming and focusing the mind. Regulars will know that, among other themes, we have focused on releasing and strengthening the lower back, an area of tension for many of us, and refining our standing poses to ensure healthy alignment in the knees, hips and ankles.

I am delighted that many people have already booked their space on the one day relaxing and re-energising summer retreat in beautiful rural Berkshire on Sunday 13th August. Less than an hour from central London (easily accessed by public transport – though I may organise a minibus!) this retreat will take place in a peaceful hall in Remenham, a tiny village on the banks of the river Thames surrounded by fields and woodland.

The day will include two extended yoga practices, a lunch of local produce, a walk through fields and along the river, drinks and homemade cakes! Please click here for more information and let me know if you have any questions or would like to book a place.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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