Warming Winter Yoga in Primrose Hill – November News

Dear Everyone,

Winter is creeping ever closer with the temperatures firmly in glove territory and the leaves now a crunchy red and golden carpet.

All around the natural world is quietly preparing for a long sleep, with plants entering winter dormancy and hedgehogs, bats and bumblebees thinking about hibernation.

Yet whilst all this is calmly unfolding, many of us are frantically working up to end of year deadlines and booking in multiple drinks events, a world away from what nature might have intended.

The Warming Winter Workshop on 19th November will directly address this contrast. Our flowing practice will focus on strengthening the feet, legs and core at the same time as mobilising the spine and releasing the shoulders. We will leave feeling more balanced, grounded and open and able to approach the busy season with far greater ease. The workshop will end with a long guided relaxation, known as a yoga nidra, before tea and delicious cakes.

The afternoon is nearly full so please reply to this email to book a space (£25).

Classes for the remainder of the year will focus on a variety of physical and energetic themes. For example, we will open the hips and hamstrings, strengthen and release the upper back, neck and shoulders and work on letting go of stress and tension along with any unhelpful habits.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and have a good weekend!


Primrose Hill Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30. Email me for details and see www.carolineshawyoga.com.