Steadiness, ease & invitation to yoga, tea and cake! October news..

Dear Everyone,

Autumn always seems to be especially ‘busy’ for so many of us, almost as if the gusty winds, falling temperatures and swirling leaves inspire us into a frenzy of getting everything done and dusted before Christmas.

All this ‘doing’ can make us feel rushed and agitated, so recent classes have focused on grounding, centering and balancing sequences to help us approach the rest of our life with more steadiness (sthira) and ease (sukha). We have focused on strong standing poses to strengthen our legs and feet, movements to increase core strength, and sequences designed to balance our breath along with our bodies.

Some of these themes will work their way into the pre-winter yoga afternoon from 4-6pm on Saturday 19th November in Primrose Hill where we will enjoy a longer strengthening, grounding and centering practice, with more time to go bit deeper into some of the poses before a nice long guided relaxation. After the practice we will enjoy tea and delicious homemade cakes.

The afternoon is filling up fast so please reply to this email to book a space (£25).

Looking forward to seeing you soon and have a good weekend.