Savasana – You made it! Primrose Hill Yoga Feb/March News

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Dear Everyone,

Savasana. Corpse Pose. Otherwise known as ‘you made it!’. Through a tough Utkatasana (though you know it was strengthening), a tricky balance (though it did make you focus), and a long-held plank (which you are certain was good for you). Savasana. Phew! I know the feeling.

Getting to lie down on your back and do nothing for 5 or 10 minutes, can feel like an unexpected box of chocolates to seasoned Yogis, but the same can’t always be said for newer practitioners.

I remember my first Savasanas well. I planned my shopping list, resolved problems at work, sorted my holiday plans, all the while struggling to stay still. It took quite a while for Savasana to work its magic on me, but now there are days when my evening practice is nothing else.

The need to rest, without sleeping, is a strange concept to many of us. Yet making time to be still, quiet and let go of physical tension is an important counterbalance to our technologically enabled, ‘always on’, lives.

Conscious relaxation activates the side of our nervous system that supports good digestion, growth and repair, immunity and overall long term health. When practised effectively, it gives our busy brains much needed time off from the 50,000 or so thoughts we have each day.

Unfortunately, a one hour, or even 90 minute class give us little time for a proper Savasana. This is one reason why we spend the afternoon session on the one day retreats practising exclusively yin and restorative yoga, as well as a full yoga nidra, or yogic sleep. The luxury of extra time means we can properly absorb the most important benefits of the practice, something that is harder to do in a weekly class.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then there are still a few spaces left both my 2020 yoga mini retreat days on April 25th and September 27th in beautiful Oxfordshire and Berkshire. We will enjoy a morning session of dynamic yoga and an afternoon of yin and restorative, interspersed with a yummy, healthy lunch (and cake!). Do let me know if you would like to book!

Very best wishes,