Remember your sunscreen…and your practice! Summer holiday Primrose Hill Yoga news

Dear Everyone,

Thirteen years ago my family used to think it very strange that I got up early, rolled out a sticky blue mat and spent 20 minutes or so making strange shapes with my body before breakfast. Now they worry that if I don’t ‘do my yoga’ then all hell will break lose. They are probably right.

My practice has changed a lot over 13 years and varies considerably from one day to the next. Yet the core intention remains fairly constant: to (physically and mentally) balance out the rest of my life, ground me in the present, slow me down, focus my mind and remind me how lucky I am to be alive.

One of the many lovely things about a group yoga practice is whilst everyone’s needs and intentions are different, everybody has something in common. Yoga works for them. It might help their back pain, their insomnia, give them some head-space from their crazy job, or simply make them feel happier about life. The list is endless.

So, as August approaches and the holiday season begins it is a good time to remember why you need yoga in your life. It might incentivise you to do a bit of self-practice on any trips away!

If you fancy giving your practice a proper boost this August then 2 spaces have become available on this year’s mini retreat in rural Berkshire on Sunday 12 August.

This day long retreat will take place in a beautiful village hall and garden just one hour from central London. We will enjoy two extended yoga sessions, a walk through nearby fields and woodland, a delicious vegetarian lunch and homemade cakes.

The day is suitable for all levels of experience and there is private transport available from central London. Please click here for more details.

Looking forward to seeing you at class soon!