Positive thoughts, healthy spines & mini retreat – April news

Dear Everyone,

Sometimes I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world, especially when a student tells me their back pain has vanished, or that they are sleeping better. And sometimes, when life gets tough, I feel more than a bit unfortunate! This spring I have been working on trying to see the positives amidst the hard times and encouraging my students to do the same in their yoga practice. For example, perhaps by enjoying some deep breaths of fresh April air, even if your knee is playing up, or truly letting go in a wonderful savasana (corpse pose/relaxation), even if balancing in tree pose seemed impossible!

In this vein, I was recently lucky enough to attend a wonderful teacher training focused on adapting yoga asanas (postures) to promote optimal spine and pelvic health. I learnt some great techniques and am really looking forward to sharing these with both my private students and my group classes.

On another note, some of you have been asking to read the article I recently wrote for the Primrose Hill Magazine on ‘sankalpa’, something that can be thought of as a little bit like a new year’s resolution, but is more of a vow that connects us to something deep down that we really need to work towards. Please click here for the article!

Lastly, thanks so much to those of you who have sent your booking form and confirmed your place on the Oxford Mini Retreat on 25 June in the beautiful, historic grounds of St John’s College. There will be two special classes to energise, stretch and strengthen the whole body and leave you feeling grounded, spacious and fully restored. We will also enjoy lunch together and have the chance to visit St John’s famous library and gardens. If you have registered to attend but not yet sent your form please do so by 21 April at the latest.

Please click here or see attached for more information and let me know if you are interested in coming!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,