Play tennis, chop carrots..July Primrose Hill Yoga news

Dear Everyone,

I recently learnt that human brain makes between 10,000 and 40,000 decisions a day. A taxing task, especially when combined with the effects of internet-induced information overload.

So how do we make sure (most) of our decisions are sound and helpful? How do we navigate a clear, calm path through the thoughts that lead to these decisions, focusing on those that are beneficial and letting those that distract and depress fall away?

You might be pleased to learn that tuning into Wimbledon (!) provides part of the answer.

Carefully watch any top tennis player as they prepare to serve and you will be struck by an intense focus alongside a relaxed action, allowing quick, clear decision making at times of pressure.

Of course, establishing this kind of focus is a vital part of yoga practice, one which we approach by training our minds to concentrate on our bodies, our sensations and our breathing. The good news is that we don’t always have to be on our mat to practise.

As Timothy Gallwey (in his fantastic ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’) says “Focusing can be practised on a tennis court, chopping carrots, in a pressure-packed boardroom or while driving in traffic… Focus means not dwelling on the past, either on mistakes or glories; it means not being so caught up in the future, that full attention is taken from the present.”

So come to yoga, play tennis, chop carrots – and when you do so practise the simple, but challenging art of staying super focused. Feel your body as it moves, notice your thoughts as they arise and then focus on your breath, or the task in hand. As a result, you should find your thoughts settle and the several thousand daily decisions they lead to fall into place more easily.

Looking forward to seeing you at class soon,


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