October News! Finding calm in crazy London..

It seems to be an especially “busy” time of year for everyone I know. Something to do with being back from summer holidays but with Christmas still a way off. It’s at times like this when a regular yoga practise can be even more valuable than usual.


When I have a lot going on I find my mind jumping from one thing to the next, making lists, planning the intricacies of something two days away.and in doing so completely lose any sense of presence while my life just whizzes by. Fortunately even just 15 minutes of gentle movements to open the lungs followed by five minutes of focused, steady breathing is often enough to bring me back to my centre – so life doesn’t rush past in one big blur!

As those of you who are regulars will know, all my yoga classes are designed to give you a similar experience. Regulars will also know that each week we always work to mobilise and strengthen the whole body, within a particular theme. Over the last month we have focused on learning how to properly align, engage and strengthen the legs, ankles and feet so they can support us effectively in our standing poses and backbends, and also on creating more strength and stability in our core to help us feel a little more centred in hectic Autumnal London.

Over the next few weeks we will have a special practise designed to help with some of the side effects of winter colds and a special sun salutation themed class as we go into daylight saving time. I am also planning a day of yoga and art in Oxford early next year – so watch this space! Have a great October!


PUBLIC CLASSES: Primrose Hill Yoga: Every Tuesday 12.10 -13.00 and Thursday 5.30 – 6.30. Strengthen, stretch, relax and restore in a beautiful, spacious, peaceful studio. £8.50 a class if booked as a series of 4. Drop ins £10. All welcome to both! Contact me for more info.