More Tortoise and less Hare – Primrose Hill Yoga August News

Dear Everyone,

‘Be more tortoise and less hare’ a vibrant yellow sign called out to me as I walked along the Regent’s Canal towpath last week.

Whilst I’m not sure how successful the Canal & River Trust’s strategy will be in slowing down runners and Boris bikes, I was struck by the relevance of the sign to modern yoga practice.

Regulars will know that all classes start with focused breathing, before we begin to make steady yet fluid movements in time with our breath.

This synchronisation helps our mind and body to start functioning at the same pace, so that we leave class not only having stretched and strengthened, but also feeling mentally calmer and clearer. Definitely more like Tortoises rather than Hares!

Working towards this more balanced state will be the focus for the rural summer retreat a week this Sunday (13th August). We will enjoy two extended yoga practices, mindful walking in beautiful countryside and a delicious vegetarian lunch. I have space for one more person, so do let me know if you’d like to come!

The next Primrose Hill weekend workshop will be on Sunday 12th November from 4-6pm – more details to follow soon!

Looking forward to seeing you at class soon,


Primrose Hill Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30. Email me for details and see