Mince Pies and Brussels Sprouts – December Primrose Hill Yoga News

Dear Everyone,

Mince pies and brussels sprouts, Christmas songs and pantomime, frosty mornings and long dark evenings. Most probably things you eagerly anticipate or vehemently dislike!

Loving and loathing, too very opposite emotions, are often more pronounced in December, a time of year many of us adore but others find a bit of a struggle.

Yoga, with its emphasis on restoring a more balanced state of being, provides us with an excellent range of tools for tempering strong negative feelings and coping with things we find difficult or dislike, from small seasonal annoyances to things that really matter.

For example, we can practice strong standing asanas (postures) that help us feel grounded and confident, breathe in a way that harnesses extra energy and set a sankalpa (or intention) that helps us develop a more positive frame of mind.

So, as the evenings draw in, there has perhaps never a better time to come to yoga, or practice some postures, breathing and relaxation at home.

Our combined efforts to find greater balance in life will continue in 2018 with classes starting from the first week of January.  For those keen to plan ahead, I will also be running a weekend workshop on Sunday March 11th (4-6pm in Primrose Hill) and a day retreat in rural Berkshire on Sunday August 12th. Those who are interested can click here for details and photos of past workshops and retreats.

Wishing you all a very happy new year,


Primrose Hill Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30. Email me for details and see www.carolineshawyoga.com.