March News!

Dear Everyone,

Once again it has been a pleasure to meet so many new faces this month – I have really enjoyed teaching you all.

We spent a couple of weeks in February focusing on strengthening and releasing the shoulders, upper back and neck and another week working to create a sense of balance in our breath and movement as we focused on opening the hips.

In March we will spend some time strengthening our core – so our abdominal muscles will get a work out as will the other muscles in our legs and back that support our spine and posture.

Those of you who come to my weekly workplace classes are always welcome at my public classes too!

These are:

Yoga and Tea in Islington: Every Tuesday @10 – Flowing yoga to balance body & mind followed by a cup of your choice from 22 unique blends of green, black, oolong, rooibos & herbal tea. Click here for info.

Primrose Hill Yoga: Every Thursday @5.30 – Strengthen, stretch, relax and restore. Please click here for info.

As ever please do feel free to get in touch with any questions.