Living in the moment – June news

Dear Everyone,

I have just been lucky enough to spend a few days on the beautiful island of Paros, Greece.

A long ferry journey across a very calm Aegean and time spent admiring the wild flowers and sunsets got me thinking how equally rewarding and challenging it is to really take our yoga practice ‘off the mat’. This can mean many things, but for me one of the most important and difficult is the practice of staying mentally present and living in the moment, rather than getting constantly side-tracked into ‘what I should organise for tomorrow’ or ‘what would happen if…?’.

Of course, a degree of reflection on the past, and planning for the future, is necessary; but the aim is to not get so caught up in the details that we miss the here and now.

With this in mind we will focus on staying rooted in the present moment in all June classes. This week’s classes will focus on opening the whole body and strengthening the core as we ground, stabilise and expand into Ardha Chandrasana (half-moon pose) and we will have a special class during the week of the summer solstice where we practice a range of sun salutation variations.

I am also really looking forward (without getting too caught up in the thoughts!) to the Oxford Mini Retreat on 25 June in the beautiful, historic grounds of St John’s College. I will send an email with all joining information well in advance of the event.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


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