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Dear Everyone,

“Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste” David Attenborough

This time of year seems to scream too much of just about everything. Too much work, too many drinks events, too much to buy, too many to buy for…

Too much ‘stuff’ in general, whether it be fuel, clothing, food or other products is undoubtedly the cause of many of today’s environmental and social problems. Yet perhaps this ‘overconsumption’ is not the very modern problem it might seem. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, (written somewhere between 200 BCE and 300 CE), talk about ‘Aparigrapha’, the importance of not accumulating beyond our capacity. The need to consume is acknowledged, but at all level appropriate to our needs.
So how can we marry Patanjali’s Aparigrapha with Christmas 2019? How can we best enjoy the festive season without consuming too much and creating waste?

A few thoughts spring to mind..
– Donate or adopt through organisations like WWFthe Woodland Trust, and Shelter.
– Have an eco-friendly Christmas – Friends of the Earth have some good ideas
– Consume ethically. The Ethical ShopA Waste Free World, and Ethical Superstore are good places to start.

The ‘to much to do’ side of things can be rather more difficult to manage! It IS a busy time of year work wise and deadlines can’t be ethically consumed away. Here, the usual tools from your yoga practice apply. Lengthen your exhalation, only rush when you really need to, relax your jaw, feel your feet firmly on the floor…. and for a longer list come to class in 2020!

That leaves me to say a big THANKYOU to all of you that have shown up to class regularly in 2019 – it has been an absolute pleasure as always. Finally, there are still a few spaces left on both my 2020 yoga mini retreat days – slow flow and restorative yoga, yummy food and cake and fresh air and fields. Do let me know if you would like to book – perhaps another idea for a low impact Christmas gift?

Very best wishes,