July News – Releasing Computer Posture…

Dear All,

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather.

Thank you to the many of you who expressed interest in the Greek island (Paros) yoga and walking/history/culture/food/wine etc. trip. At present we are planning a trip for next May. I will keep you posted with developments!

Yesterday I was delighted to be running “Yoga to balance body and mind” and “Releasing computer posture” workshops for Regent’s University staff and on Sunday I will be holding a morning yoga session for alumni at Oxford University.

If you think your company or organisation would be interested in a similar set of workshops to improve staff wellbeing and reduce time off due to physical ailments and headaches etc. then please do get in touch! More details at found by clicking here.

This month it’s been lovely to meet some friendly faces at my new Tuesday lunchtime class in Primrose Hill. As those of you who are regulars know, each week I have specific physical, energetic or philosophical theme – for example to breathe into twists and into life’s challenges, or to mobilise and stabilise the shoulders and release tension.

Both my Primrose Hill classes follow the same theme each week, with a slightly different sequence of asanas (postures). The new Tuesday class is 50 minutes long and is a slightly faster paced more dynamic sequence with a shorter relaxation. The Thursday class is 60 minutes so offers a bit more time for going into more advanced variations of the poses and a longer relaxation.

You are most welcome to come to one or both! Practising a similar sequence twice is a bit like reading a book twice – you get something different and often more meaningful out of it the second time…

Looking forward to seeing you soon and have a wonderful July!