The Amazing Human Body – July/August Primrose Hill Yoga News

Dear All,

“In the second or so since you started this sentence, your body has made a million red blood cells” (Bill Bryson, The Body: A Guide for Occupants).

The more I learn about the human body, the more that astounds me. The incredible facts and stats about the pathways and processes that keep us ticking over are always something to marvel at, especially at a time when we collectively feel quite vulnerable.

Regulars to class will know that our usual mix of breath work, slow dynamic flow and qigong has recently been peppered with some somantic movements. These emphasise internal physical perception and experience and tend to result in a more fluid, organic style of practice than, for example, Iyengar-style poses (which have excellent benefits too!). This is driven, in part, by my recent training in ‘Yoga for Immune and Respiratory Health’, many elements of which I am keen to transmit to all of you during these challenging times!

On that note, I am planning the next ‘Flow and Restore’ Yoga and Qigong workshop on Saturday 15th  August from 16.30 – 18.00. This session will focus on postures and practices that support our immune and respiratory health, with 40 minutes of dynamic asana and qigong followed by a good half hour’s restorative yoga and relaxation. This workshop will be priced on a ‘pay what you can’ basis up to £14. Do let me know if you’d like a space!

That aside, weekly zoom classes will continue throughout August except on 11th, 25th and 27th August, and, if you are looking for some reading to keep you occupied during the break then I recommend Bryson’s book, or for those after a slightly more ‘serious’ summer read, Yoga Body by Mark Singleton is an excellent choice.

Very best wishes,


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