Paper Wasps and the Splits – Late Autumn Primrose Hill Yoga News

Dear All,

When a European paper wasp queen dies her death causes a change in the genes of all the workers in her colony, as they jostle genetically for succession. This flexibility is key to the survival of the colony, and of the species*.

I doubt our genes have changed yet in response to the shifts in lifestyle and limits to social interaction resulting from Covid-19. But we have certainly had to be flexible in a way that is arguably more challenging than perfecting Hanumansasana (or the splits)!

Despite this, it was interesting to find out from the recent survey (thanks so much to those who replied!) that some of you actually prefer the classes on zoom, and the huge majority are keen that we keep going that way for the foreseeable future. Of course, there are many benefits to practising in our own homes (supply of cushions, zero travel time etc) but I am still surprised how well, on the whole (I have ordered a mic!), the zoom sessions seem to work. Thought I hugely miss seeing you all in person.

So, we will be counterbalancing any desire to zoom too fast up to Christmas with our regular sessions of breath work, asana and meditation, focusing as always on a different theme each week – and occasionally working up to some of those more involved poses a few of you were keen to try.

I also want to emphasise that if you are unemployed, or just low on cash, you are welcome to attend class at a very reduced rate. Just let me know!

Very best wishes as always


*New Scientist, September 26, 2020.