Yoga today usually means a set of practices from lots of different traditions that have been re-purposed to serve modern life. It offers an accessible way to look after your body and mind so they support you better. Over time, it leads to greater self-awareness, understanding and acceptance.

What should I wear?

A t-shirt or top and leggings or shorts. It is important not to get cold when we relax at the end of the class, so a sweatshirt is also advisable.

Help I can’t touch my toes!

You are in the right place! Yoga is not about physical achievement, thought it will improve your flexibility and strength. It is just about making your body and mind work a little better for you.

Should I eat/drink beforehand?

It is generally advisable not to eat a heavy meal less than two or three hours before a dynamic class. However, you do not want to run the risk of being light headed so I recommend a light snack (nuts/dried fruit/chocolate (!)) before class if needed! Restorative yoga can be practised on a fuller stomach. Always make sure you arrive hydrated as it is best not to drink during the class.

I tried yoga once and hated it…why will this be any different?

Some forms of yoga follow very strict guidelines when it comes to the type of postures practiced, the alignment and the pace. I always think carefully about what will best suit my students when planning a session and we will only do things you are comfortable with!

Do I need any equipment?

Just a yoga mat! These can be bought for as little as £6.

What is yoga?

Fundamentally yoga is a way of living which allows us to balance our bodies, calm our minds and get more in touch with the things that really matter. My yoga classes are all designed to facilitate strength, balance and flexibility and help to prevent physical and mental illness. They include:

  • Asanas (postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing)
  • Dhyana (meditation)
  • Savasana (complete relaxation)

"I have always enjoyed exercising but never thought I would go anywhere near yoga or pilates! However, I am amazed at the difference they have made – especially to my core strength and shoulders."

− Company Director, aged 61

"Caroline has really helped to improve my posture, balance and overall body awareness – classes with her are great fun and make me feel more relaxed."

− School Teacher, aged 45

"Caroline has taught me a variety of restorative postures and breathing techniques that help me feel calmer and sleep better."

− City Lawyer, aged 32