December News

Nature is shutting down for the year. But whilst trees are almost bare, temperatures are plummeting and animals hibernating, we are doing exactly the opposite as we gear up for parties, drinking and late nights.

Getting so out of sync with our natural environment this time of year can make us feel exhausted and contribute to bouts of colds and flu. Happily, many yoga poses and breathing practices are especially good for replenishing energy levels, boosting immunity and helping us feel more grounded through a crazy party season.

Spending most of the last week in bed with a nasty virus has proved a brilliant opportunity to develop what I have found to be an extremely helpful “gentle yoga for cold and flu sequence”. This focuses on expanding lung capacity to ease breathing, increasing the circulation of lymph (a fluid that moves through the body picking up bacteria and viruses and filtering them out via the lymph nodes) and easing head/neck/upper back tension often associated with colds and flu.

Come to my January classes every Thursday at Primrose Hill Community Centre to learn this sequence for yourself! (details at

If you would rather learn this sequence on a one to one basis – or have any other specific request (eg. reduce back pain, improve core strength etc etc…) then there are still a few private slots left at my special Christmas rate (30% discount) – book for yourself or buy one for a friend as a Christmas present…..

Lastly, my “Releasing Computer Workshop” is proving popular with businesses. If you think your office could benefit from a short and simple workshop to help reduce back, shoulder and neck tension – and provide some stress relief – then please drop me a line. See for full details.

Meanwhile, enjoy the partying – and a very Happy Christmas!