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Dear Everyone,

August often arrives with a sense of europhia. Relief! Freedom! Holidays, exciting travels, long days out of town and away from work..…100% enjoyment, peace and relaxation.

Hmmm. Not quite the whole story perhaps! I doubt I am alone in being able to recount several mad dashes for long distance trains, the odd trip to an isolated medical centre and getting on the wrong boat as part of my holiday experiences.

Maintaining some sort of regular yoga practice over the summer can help us to keep a relatively calm head in these moments of panic and also to stay fully engaged with all the fun and games that come our way.

I know from my own experience that fitting in asana, pranayama and meditation over the holidays is easier said than done. A good solution (requiring a reasonable command of popular postures and a little of the local language) is to attend a local yoga class. Over the years I have been lucky enough to enjoy classes in Italian, Greek and German, as well as in a number in towns and villages up and down the UK. I have always come away learning something new, met a welcoming group of people and probably remained a little more grounded during my travels than I otherwise might have done!

Classes in September will work to iron out the most common imbalances that result from time spent travelling. We will be opening up the parts of the body that tend to get tight when we sit for long periods and working to steady and focus our minds so we are set and ready for the autumn.

Looking ahead, I am excited to announce that the next mini retreat will be on Saturday 26th January.  This day-long winter retreat will take place in a beautiful centre (photos below) in the historic riverside town of Henley on Thames, just one hour by train from central London. We will enjoy two extended yoga practices to energise, open and deeply rest the body and mind, a warming lunch from an award winning local caterer, homemade cake and a walk around the historical town centre. The day costs £68 with an early bird rate of £64 if booked by 30 September. Do let me know if you would like a booking form!

Looking forward to seeing you at class soon,


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