Are you sitting comfortably? Massage, medicine & Primrose Hill Yoga March news

Dear Everyone,

What do most people in the UK spend nine hours a day doing? Sitting! Research shows that adults of working age in England average 9.5 hours per day of sedentary time.

I know many readers probably fall short of nine hours, but modern social norms make it near impossible for us all not to spend a significant part of the day sitting.

The problem is we evolved to be upright and active, and sitting for long periods can damage both our cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health.  I know I am a frequent culprit of ‘slump-asana’; head tilting forward, spine rounding and shoulders drooping.  Unfortunately, our head gains ten pounds in weight for every inch it moves forwards (!), placing a hefty burden on the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, and increasing the likelihood of future pain or injury.

This is why I developed my ‘Releasing Computer Posture Workshop’, something I run throughout the year for a number of institutions and businesses. This chair yoga based practice mobilises, stretches and strengthens all the parts of the body that get tight when we sit and provides participants with a set of safe, easy exercises that they can integrate into their day. I’d love to run this workshop more often, so do let me know if you’d like more information!

In March, I was lucky enough to attend two courses, one in Thai Yoga Massage and another on how to use yoga as ‘medicine’ to help with physical and mental imbalances – everything from a sore shoulder, to arthritis, to depression. I hope that my private students in particular will reap the benefits of these courses over the coming months.

Looking forward to August, there are still some spaces left on this year’s mini retreat in rural Berkshire. This day long retreat will take place in a beautiful village hall and garden just one hour from central London. We will enjoy two extended yoga sessions, a walk through the nearby fields and woodland, a delicious vegetarian lunch and homemade cakes.  Last year’s retreat sold out so do let me know if you’d like a space!

Meanwhile, have a happy April and hope to see you at class soon!


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