About Me

I started practising yoga whilst struggling to manage the demands of a very demanding desk job. Thank goodness I did! Yoga has provided me with the tools to better manage and enjoy my life in a busy city.

I have had a dedicated yoga practise since 2004 and found myself drawn to many different styles of asana – from the very dynamic to the very restorative – over my 15 years of practice. My classes incorporate elements from all these traditions along with pranayama (breathing practises) and meditation. Come expecting to breathe fully, move mindfully, stretch, strengthen and enjoy a deep relaxation.

I have completed a number of specialist yoga therapy type trainings (for example, spine and pelvic health), vinyasa sequencing, somantic movement, yoga ‘as medicine’,  restorative yoga, Thai yoga massage, yoga for digestive health, one to one adjustments and the Chinese practice of Qigong. When I started teaching yoga back in 2012 I was awarded a distinction by Yoga Campus at the Life Centre, one of the most rigorous teacher training programmes globally.

My teaching is influenced by a number of leading teachers  – in particular Doug Keller, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Joyce McMiken, Graham Burns, Kate Walker, Louise Grime and Ayala Gill.

I am based in Primrose Hill, Camden and work at a variety of locations across London and the south.

Thanks to www.ianshawphotography.com, Richard Barraclough and Clare Brook for the photos on this site