A Rose for 2018 – Primrose Hill Yoga January News

Dear Everyone,

A pink rose has just flowered in the garden, the warm weather bringing an unexpected splash of colour to welcome 2018.

Over the centuries, roses have been used to symbolise love, respect, balance, inclusion and trust. A worthy set of values and emotions to take us into the new year, and a sound basis from which to begin a yoga practice in 2018.

Showing ourselves respect as we work to balance mind and body will be a focus of all classes this month, as we work to stretch and strengthen all the areas which might be feeling a bit unloved after the festive season. We will be releasing and strengthening the lower back and gluteals, opening the shoulders and hips, and energising the core.

The next weekend workshop on Sunday March 11th (4-6pm in Primrose Hill) is now not long away! We will be working to create extra space in our bodies (and heads!) with a focus on deep breathing, lateral movements and backbends, before tea and delicious homemade cake. Those who are interested can click here for details and photos of past workshops and retreats. Please email me to book a space!

Wishing you all a very happy new year,


Primrose Hill Yoga every Thursday @ 5.30. Email me for details and see www.carolineshawyoga.com.