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A Tiger Skin Mat? Primrose Hill Yoga June/July News

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Dear All,

“A tiger’s skin brings success in all things; a deer skin is for mastery over location; a mat of cloth destroys illness; one made of cane increases prosperity; a silk mat is nourishing and a woollen one alleviates suffering.”

We might have Angela Farmer’s clever use of carpet padding (in 1967) to thank for the sticky mats that don the floor of yoga classes today, but this detailed prescription for their use appeared in the 15thC Puraścaraṇacandrikā. In fact, yoga mats have been prescribed as far back as the Bhagavadgītā (2nd – 3rd century CE), which advised yoga was practiced on a steady seat that was not too high nor too low, and was covered with cloth, antelope skin or grass.

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