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Places to Find Peace in Primrose Hill

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A light breeze on your face, the sound of birds proclaiming their territory, the smell of fresh rain in the air….

Even if the reality is that it is chilly and drizzling, we all know that time spent outside makes us feel better.

In fact, there is now scientific proof that being outside in ‘nature’ shifts the brain towards a calmer and more restorative state.

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To travel is better than to arrive – Primrose Hill Yoga February News

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Dear Everyone,

“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Having just returned from the colourful mixture of chaos and calm that is Sri Lanka, this rings especially true to my ears! In all classes this month we will be focusing on staying super present as we journey through our sun salutations, standing postures, backbends, forward bends and twists. This means that our active physical practice should be just as enjoyable (maybe even better!) than our Savasana (relaxation, or corpse pose).

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