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Tips for a stress free Christmas

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Christmas can be a wonderful time of year but it can also be a particularly stressful one, with all sorts of unexpected pressures. Here are three things I will be practising to help myself (and everyone around me!) stay happy and contented this festive season.

1. Taking a stretch

The more stressed you are, the more your body will tense naturally. Stop right now and notice your jaw – is it a little clenched? Your shoulders – do they feel tense? If so, take a few minutes to move around. Do some shoulder rolls, massage your temples, reach your arms overhead and take a big stretch. You’ll feel more energised and relaxed in no time.

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Yoga benefits body, soul and blood vessels

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Thanks to the Guardian for improving awareness of Yoga’s many benefits!

Yoga’s ability to calm the inner self might go even further than was previously thought.

Adopting the right positions coupled with meditation not only soothes the spirit, increases a sense of self-control and makes the body more flexible, but might relax the blood vessels as well.

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December News

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Nature is shutting down for the year. But whilst trees are almost bare, temperatures are plummeting and animals hibernating, we are doing exactly the opposite as we gear up for parties, drinking and late nights.

Getting so out of sync with our natural environment this time of year can make us feel exhausted and contribute to bouts of colds and flu. Happily, many yoga poses and breathing practices are especially good for replenishing energy levels, boosting immunity and helping us feel more grounded through a crazy party season.

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