16.32 Sunset – Primrose Hill Yoga November News

Dear Everyone,

It’s 16.32 and the sun has already set, ushering in a long and rather gloomy evening. Daylight saving time catches me by surprise every year. However, with less than 8 hours of sunlight in late December and nearly seventeen in mid-June, we need to adapt to this shift as best we can.

How do we adjust? In an ideal world we I expect we would all joyfully embrace the long dark evenings with mugs of steaming tea and fires, but zoom outside as soon as morning arrives and enjoy every ounce of daylight we can.

Yet most of us find this time of year a little challenging, with studies finding a c.8% rise in cases of depression as the clocks turn back.

With this as a backdrop, all classes this month will be designed to deliver us with more energy and optimism whilst allowing plenty of time for rest and relaxation. We will be following dynamic sequences to create space across the chest and shoulders and extra strength in the core, as well as holding a number of restorative poses toward the end of each class.

We will have time to delve deeper into these practices during the late Autumn ‘flow and restore’ workshop NEXT SUNDAY (!) 12th November. This session will start with some energising breath work and a dynamic sequence of postures to re-vitalise and warm the body, before restorative yoga and a yoga nidra to soothe the nervous system.

The workshop will end with tea, homemade cake, and friendly conversation! Please click here or email me for more information or to book your space (1 space remaining!).

In other news, I am delighted to be continuing to teach an extra class throughout November. Every Monday I will be teaching a restorative practice at the Life Centre, a beautiful, spacious yoga studio in Islington. Come to gently open the body, relax, and re-energise!

Looking forward to seeing you at class soon,